Screenshot 1

Blank Start


This is how the software apears when first installed.




Screenshot 2

Add demo sites


Add in some demo sites to try out the software.




Screenshot 3

Select want


Selecting Want and Next, gives an indication of how much money needs to be put aside for these coins.




Screenshot 4

Add multiple queens beasts


Use the Add multiple pages function to add all the silver queens beasts.




Screenshot 5

Update the prices


Update all the current prices from the various dealers.




Screenshot 6

Show some as in collection


Add some coins into your collection. This now shows how much it would cost to buy these coins from dealers at their current prices.




Screenshot 7

Add in some gold


Add the QB 1oz Gold coin into your collection.




Screenshot 8

History of price updates


History of monitoring is kept. This example shows silver added and then the spot drops.



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