1. Licence questions
    1. When I originally installed the software there was a lot of files in the installation package. However, when I receive an update there are only two files in the zip file. Why is this?

      The programme uses several library routines that must be installed on your PC
      for it to work properly. These are installed, along with the software, by using
      the full installation package. When an update is released it is only necessary
      to release the programme (or executable) and the associated help file.

  2. What can the software do
    1. Can I substitute a player in a match?

      Yes. Select the player that is being substituted (the background will go red)
      and then click on the substitute.

    2. Can I copy teams and players from one season to another?

      Yes. When creating a new season there is the option to do this. However, you can
      also paste the player data from one season into a text file and then read the
      text file into a new season.

      This is done by selecting Lists from the Players menu and clicking on the paste button. Then
      open WordPad and paste the data. The WordPad document must them be saved as a
      text document.

      Then open the new season and select Import from file… from the Players menu.

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